Apr 17, 2014

To know your place!


'You need to be punished,' he said smiling at me.
I stood in the hallway, looking up into his face, newly kissed, still held in his arms.
'Have I done something bad?' I purred.
'You need to know your place,' he said, 'I am not sure you do.'
'What is my place, then?' I asked.
'Somewhere here,' he said, and smiled, this time a wicked smile, 'or down there.' He pointed to the floor.

I looked at him for a while, trying to understand what he was thinking. Then, out of nowhere, I sank to my knees. I slipped out of his grip and knelt before him, close to him.

I looked up at him, my face at the level of his crotch.
I sank down on the floor, leaned forward and touched my forehead to the floor, in between his feet, my hands still grasping his ankles.
'Or here?'

He knelt before me. He took my chin in his hand and lifted my head until I was looking into his eyes.
'I like this, I like you down here. But you still need to be punished.'
He leaned forward and I felt his hand grip the fabric of my dress and pull it up, over my bottom.
'You will still have to be punished. And you know how you punish a woman, don't you?'
'No, I don't. How do you punish a woman?'
'I am sure you know.'
'No, you will have to tell me.'
'Stand on your knees.'
He pulled at my skirt and I raised my body and stood straight, still kneeling. He held my skirt up, above my waist. He crumbled it in his hand and pressed it to my belly. I understood and took hold of it, holding it up.

He reached out his hands and put them on my hips. He caressed them slowly, holding my gaze fast.
'I am sure you know what is good for a woman. If she needs to be punished.'
'No, I don't.'
He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of my knickers and with a swift tug pulled them down, down to my knees.

He took a firm grip on my buttock, his fingers digging into my flesh.
'You know, don't you?'
'I think I know,' said, and heard how I gasped.
'What is it then?'
'You want to hear me say it.'
'Yes, I want to hear you say it.'
'A spanking.'
'Say it properly.'
'How is properly?'
'What a woman needs when she is to be punished is a spanking.'
'Do you want me to be in earnest?'
'Just say it. And mean it.'
'What a woman needs when she is to be punished...is a spanking.'
'A good spanking.'
'To make me know my place?'
'To make you know your place. Come.'
He rose to his feet and took my hand, the one not holding my crumbled skirt against my belly. He rose me to my feet and led me into the living room.

I hadn't dropped my skirt and I hadn't pulled my knickers up. I stood in the centre of the dimly lit room. He took a heavy high backed chair that stood by the big old table and turned it around. He stood by the chair, his hand on its back and looked at me.

He seemed to scrutinise me, wonder about me, wonder what I would do, what would happen. I still stood before him, exposed as if he had ordered me to stay like that. It was unbearable to see him just look at me.

I saw at his crotch that punishing me was something that had awakening his desire. I didn't want him to spank me. I wanted him to do other things to me.

He took my hand and led me to the chair while he sat down on it. I knew what was expected of me and I submitted to him and placed my body across his knee, sensing his arousal as I lowered myself in place.

He placed his hand on my bottom. It was a mocking gesture, a false sweetness from the hand that soon would deal out pain. He seemed to hesitate.
'This, my love, is your place.'
He lifted his hand and the world seemed to be still. Then he smacked me. More than anything, I was surprised by the sheer force of it. He had let it descend on my naked skin with brutal force and my body seemed to explode from the sudden pain.

He smacked me again. My body rocked forward and my mind was overcome with panic, the fear that this was too much, that this was something I couldn't cope with.

He smacked me again.
'I am not sure...' I gasped, 'please.'
'Listen to me,' he said, his voice strained, 'I want it to hurt, I want it to be terrible, do you understand?'
'Yes,' I whimpered.
'You will be punished. I will give you time to take it, but there is no getting away from it, do you understand?'

He smacked me again. I had to take it. The pain surged through me and I squirmed and whimpered but I had to take it, smack after smack.

He took his time, let me take a deep breath between smacks, but he didn't let up. He continued spanking me for a long time, smack after painful smack landing on my bottom.

This was what he wanted to do to me, this was what he wanted. He wanted it to hurt and it hurt. He chose this spanking for me and I took it. I took every blow of it.

When he was done, I heard him breathe heavily. I didn't know he was done, I was still waiting and wondering if he would give me more pain, if he would punish me more.

I felt his body under mine and I felt his arousal through the fabric of his trousers. I was aware of every detail, every sensation in my body. My bottom was warm and throbbing and tender as he placed his hand on it.

He gently began to caress my bottom, taking it into possession, gripping my buttocks. It was as if he wanted to tell me that my bottom was his, belonged to him and that he could do whatever he wanted with it.

My body was his. I wanted nothing else than to feel him touch and fondle my body. I belonged to him. He had punished me and I wanted it to be like this, like it was.

I held my breath, surprised when his fingers slipped in between my buttocks, into me. The sudden intrusion was intimidating in its intimacy. When I had thought that my body belonged to him, it seemed as if he wanted to prove it by invading it.

His fingers burned inside me as he slowly moved them, let them snake inside me, touching and arousing me.

'Do you like being punished?' he said, his voice low, smooth.
'No,' I gasped.
'It is good if it is true. A punishment should be bad. I want it to be bad. I want you to suffer.'
'It hurt.'
'But I think you are a liar. I think you liked it. I think you should be punished for lying to me.'
'More spankings?'
'No, not at the moment. I want your service. Stand up.'
I scrambled to my feet and felt how my body was trembling and how strange it was to become an independent person again, not a being attached to another, being touched and spanked.

'Take those knickers off.'
My knickers were still around my knees. The dress was tight and clung to my body and although the skirt had fallen down a little it barely covered me.

I slipped my knickers down and took them off.
'Give them here.'
I gave him my knickers. Seeing my underwear being held in his hand was strangely intimidating. It was as if some private and embarrassing part of me, of what my body was, had been exposed and held out for scrutiny.

He put them in his pocket.
'Take the dress off.'
I pulled it over my head and held it in my hand. I was naked.
'On the floor,' he said and I dropped the dress on the floor by my feet.
'On your knees.'
I sank to my knees.
'You may lie all you like about enjoying your punishment, I am completely honest when I tell you I like it. Come here.'

I moved closer to him, on my knees. When I approached him, he suddenly spread his legs.
'Maybe you should not think of this as a punishment. Maybe it is better that you think of this as your place, your proper place. When you think of your place, keep this image in your mind, you naked, kneeling between my legs. This is your proper place. Your punishment for lying will come later. There is plenty of time for that.'

He reached out his hand and placed it on my breast. He caressed it for a while, then began to knead it, then he gripped it. He moved from gentle to brutal, as if he wanted to show he could do this, that he had the right to touch me and grope me.

Then he let his hand slip down from my breast and down over my belly. This time he caressed my skin, let his palm and fingers glide over it, touching, arousing it.

I shivered and gasped as he let his hand continue down, over my belly, down over my lower belly, then, inevitable, as it seemed, in between my legs.
'No, you can't come. This moment is not for you. It is for me, only me.'

He sat back and regarded me.
'I want your service, your lip service.' He smiled at his own joke.

I slowly unzipped him. He drew his breath as my fingers dug into the opening, trying to reach for his sex. I moved with gentleness, not wishing to hurt him, not wanting to cause him any discomfort.

He gasped as his warrior was let out, as it sprung to attention. It was a beautiful thing. I looked at it and was torn between a sense that I was embarrassing him by exposing his sex and a strange desire to touch and to come close to it.

I heard him moan and I felt him react as my lips finally made contact. He leaned back and breathed heavily as my mouth touched his sex, as my lips caressed him.

Although every kiss, every touch, just put fuel on the fire inside me, I was overcome by a powerful urge to please him, to satisfy this man.

I did satisfy him, I did what he wanted and needed. I was not shy, I was bold as I pleased him.

I sat back on my heels, my back straight, my bosom a little forward, my head bowed, hands on my thighs. He was reclining, moving awkwardly, as if he finally remembered that he was sitting on a hard wooden chair.

His dress was back in order. He was again properly dressed. I was still naked, still waiting.

He leaned forward and took my chin in his hand, tilting my head up, looking into my eyes.
'Your punishment will have to wait.'
'Yes,' I said.
'I love you,' he said.
'Thank you.'
'Now, dress, we have a table booked for dinner. I am hungry.'

Apr 8, 2014


Spankings are gonna happen so try to be ready for yours!

Maybe it will be more like this!

Apr 3, 2014

Will you punish me?

'Spank me!'
'I want you to spank me.'
'I need a punishment.'
'What have you done?'
'I don't know, been bad.'
'Bad, in what way?'
'Does it matter?'
'No, not really.'
'I think you should spank me.'
'As a punishment?'
'Yes, as a punishment.'
'But not for a specific crime?'
'No, just because I deserve a punishment. And want one.'
'Do you want to be punished?'
'And that punishment would be a spanking?'
'Or two, or three.'
'What kind of spanking?'
'I shouldn't really decide my punishment.'
'Of course not, I'll be the judge of that.'
'That is good, I shouldn't decide such things.'
'But you must have an idea of what kind of spanking is appropriate.'
'I know you have a lot of ideas. Won't you set me on the right track?'
'I could do that.'
'Please, enlighten me!'
'You could spank me on the bottom.'
'That is where you imagine it would happen.'
'You could start by smacking my bottom for a while.'
'Sounds reasonable.'
'You could use your hand. And I could lie in your lap.'
'I understand.'
'But I don't think it is proper if I just lie down in your lap and get a spanking.'
'No, I think you should make sure I feel the spanking.'
'I think you should make sure that there is nothing to lessen the impact of your hand against my bottom.'
'How would that be achieved?'
'I think you should bare my bottom, lift my skirt and take down my knickers.'
'So that there are no clothes in the way?'
'Yes, so there is only naked skin that is spanked.'
'It must hurt more then.'
'Yes, it must.'
'Or you could bare it.'
'That is another idea. If you want me to prepare myself for my punishment.'
'It would be a way for me to show that I submit myself to my punishment.'
'Yes, that you accept that you are going to be spanked.'
'I think that is a good idea.'
'But it must hurt.'
'Yes, it will hurt. It is a punishment after all.'
'Yes, you are right, it is supposed to hurt.'
'And when you have spanked me for a while, perhaps your hand my be a little sore.'
'Not as sore as your bottom.'
'No, of course not. But it may still be uncomfortable.'
'I suppose it may.'
'Then you could use something to spank me with.'
'To avoid getting a sore hand?'
'Yes, that is not a good idea, that you should suffer.'
'No, I suppose not, it is you who should suffer.'
'So, you could use something. Or you could take it from the start, if you want.'
'Yes, I know. It is I who will decide.'
'It is your decision.'
'What kind of thing could I take?'
'You could use my hairbrush.'
'The dark brown, wooden one?'
'Yes, that one.'
'It is very heavy.'
'Yes, isn't that a good thing?'
'If you want it to hurt.'
'Don't you want it to hurt?'
'I don't know, I suppose I do, it is supposed to be painful for you, your punishment, right?'
'Yes, so the hairbrush is good, it is heavy and will hurt but it won't make your hand sore.'
'No, that is true.'
'So you can continue for a long time.'
'So that the spanking is very painful?'
'Yes, so that the spanking is very painful.'
'I suppose that is the very idea of a spanking.'
'Or you could take my bath brush, or a ruler.'
'Oh, the bath brush, that one looks mean.'
'Yes, it would make an impression.'
'I am sure of it.'
'But maybe I can't lie in your lap if you choose thebath brush. You need more space for the swing. I could always kneel on a chair or lie across the armrest of the sofa.'
'Isn't that very brutal?'
'I am being punished after all.'
'Yes, you are right.'
'You could start with having me in your lap, smacking my bottom, my bared bottom, of course.'
'Of course.'
'And then, when you think that my bottom has the right colour.'
'Right colour?'
'Yes, it will turn pink and perhaps a little red, if you smack hard enough and long enough.'
'Yes, of course, didn't think of that.'
'When it has the right colour, you may decide that it is time for the severe part of my punishment.'
'So smacking your bottom with the hairbrush or my hand is just preparation.'
'It could be.'
'Yes, of course, if I decide you need a more severe punishment.'
'Yes, if you think I am not punished enough, you could order me to place myself over the armrest, or kneeling on the chair, or leaned over the piano stool. One variety is to put some pillows on the bed and place me on them, so my bottom sticks up.'
'Makes it easier to hit it.'
'Yes, that is the very idea of it.'
'And I could use the bath brush, the harsh one, or a ruler.'
'The ruler is short, perhaps better for the lap.'
'Yes, of course.'
'But you could use the bath brush, or a belt.'
'A belt?'
'Yes, a belt to whip me with.'
'On your bottom?'
'Yes, my bottom.'
'Will it still be, you know, bared?'
'That is your decision but it seems pointless to choose a more severe tool if you are going to be lenient with me.'
'So I would use it on your bare skin.'
'To get the maximum effect?'
'Yes, to get the maximum effect.'
'With a belt?'
'If you choose.'
'Sounds harsh.'
'Depends on which belt you choose.'
'Of course.'
'I've got a broad and heavy belt that you could use. It will pack a punch.'
'And be quite painful.'
'Yes, if that is what you want.'
'Is that what you want?'
'It is what I deserve.'
'What you deserve?'
'Or need.'
'Or want?'
'Yes, what I want.'
'So I whip you with the belt.'
'Or any other implement.'
'Bath brush for example.'
'Yes, but there are many more you could use.'
'Like what?'
'I have a wooden fish slice and a wooden spoon. And if you think I should suffer you could always use my old horsewhip.'
'Like a riding crop?'
'But they are for horses.'
'They can be used on women too.'
'But they are made to sting through a horse's hide. That is much thicker. Your bottom is nothing compared to that.'
'No, I know.'
'It must hurt like hell.'
'You still think it is a good implement.'
'It is a punishment.'
'It is supposed to hurt?'
'Yes, that is the general idea.'
'And on the bare skin.'
'Yes, I think that is right.'
'But painful.'
'There are other advantages with baring me before spanking me.'
'Such as?'
'It makes me feel vulnerable.'
'Is that good?'
'Yes, it could be, I feel vulnerable and exposed to my punishment.'
'It will make it worse for you?'
'And that is a good thing, because it is a punishment, right?'
'And I may want to be harsh.'
'Yes, if you want to be harsh, baring me is good. I will feel ashamed and embarrassed too.'
'When baring yourself for the punishment?'
'Yes, exposing my body like that.'
'And it will add to the discomfort?'
'Yes, it will.'
'And that is a good thing.'
'If you want it to be worse for me.'
'Which I may want to, which you may want to.'
'I think I need a punishment.'
'And want it?'
'Yes, and want it.'
'So the baring is part of it, heightens the sense of being punished?'
'Yes, you can even go a step further. You could always demand that I take all my clothes off.'
'Why? There is no need for that.'
'No, no need, other than it would make me feel even more humiliated.'
'More exposed to your punishment?'
'Yes, more exposed.'
'I do like to watch you naked.'
'I know.'
'Does that make you embarrassed?'
'It does.'
'So that would work in the same direction as everything else?'
'Yes, but I like it too.'
You should.'
'Should I?'
'Yes, I think you are beautiful.'
'I don't feel beautiful.'
'What do you feel then.'
'I'd rather not say.'
'Tell me!'
'I feel sexy.'
'That is good.'
'In a way.'
'So, if I would demand that you should strip off all your clothes in order to receive your punishment, you will not only be embarrassed but also like it, a little?'
'Yes, I think so.'
'May I ask you something?'
'Yes, of course.'
'Will you feel sexy being spanked too?'
'I...I believe I will.'
'Even if it is very painful.'
'I think there will be a little of that. I believe it will be even more then.'
'Are you sure about this?'
'No, this is how I think about it.'
'So you don't really know.'
'No, I don't really know.'
'But you still think you need a punishment?'
'Yes, I think so, very much.'
'A really harsh one?'
'Yes, a really, really harsh one.'
'If it is too harsh?'
'I will find out.'
'Are you sure?'
'Yes, I am sure.'
'I don't know.'
'You must know what you think.'
'I think I do.'
'Will you punish me?'
'I will. I think I want that very much.'