Mar 29, 2015

What's it all about? LOVE

It is not by accident that Loving Domestic Discipline contains the word, "loving." It is not by accident that Loving Domestic Discipline takes place between

a man and a woman in the context of a long term relationship, usually a marriage. It is not by accident that what attracts so many people to the Loving

Domestic Discipline lifestyle is the possibility of improving and increasing the love they experience in their relationship.

Love is the central feature of the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle. Love is the central feature of any long term relationship such as a marriage. Love

is the reason for using Loving Domestic Discipline in the first place, because Loving Domestic Discipline helps to build, grow and strengthen the loving

relationship between a man and a woman. The increase in love between the man and his woman also helps to spread that love outside their relationship and into

the larger world, because they begin to act in more loving ways to others.

The HOH (i.e., the male Head of Household) is responsible for disciplining his woman when she misbehaves. He disciplines her by spanking her to tears, so

that she learns not to misbehave. That misbehavior usually takes the form of dishonesty, disrespect or disobedience - to herself, to others or to her HOH. He

disciplines her for her own benefit, because he knows that disciplining her will teach her the lessons she needs to learn and will help her to become a

better person.

The primary motivation for an HOH should always be love. This is not something that his woman should debate with him when he informs her that she is going to

be punished for her misbehavior. It is rather something that he should always check inside himself. He should always do a "heart check" to make sure that he

is disciplining her out of love, not out of anger or frustration. There is nothing wrong with the fact that an HOH will often release some of his own

frustration when disciplining his woman - that is a natural side effect of the disciplinary process. However, he must always ask himself if he is punishing

his wife for her own good or if he is spanking her for some other reason not associated with love. As previously mentioned, however, this is a question for

the HOH himself, not a subject for debate when his woman disagrees with his decision to spank her for her misbehavior.

Some people wrongly assume that when an HOH does a heart check that he would always be asking himself whether the discipline should be cancelled, postponed

or perhaps modified to become less severe. That is an incorrect assumption because it misunderstands and mistakes the true nature of love. When a man

undertakes to lovingly discipline his woman for misbehavior, he also undertakes to discipline her for her own good. Sometimes that might mean reducing the

harshness of her punishment. But at other times, it might mean increasing the severity of her spanking so that she is reliably brought to tears and learns

the lesson she needs to learn. It might mean forcing himself to administer a Maintenance Discipline spanking even though he is tired and would rather be

doing something else. The Maintenance Discipline is administered for the woman's own benefit and is therefore an act of love on the part of the HOH.

A man's love for his wife will help him to overcome his natural reluctance to discipline his wife. It will help him to overcome his natural distaste for

spanking her until she cries. It will overcome any tendency he may have to put her misbehavior into the "too hard" basket, as something he doesn't want to

deal with. By acting out of love, he will realize that he must discipline her for her own good. He must administer a regular Maintenance Discipline spanking,

even though she has done nothing wrong, because of the benefits it will deliver to his woman and to his marriage with her.

Many new HOH's find it hard to discipline their woman because it goes against the grain of what they were taught when they were growing up. They often lapse

into inconsistency in their discipline because not disciplining their woman seems like the easy way out. But inconsistent discipline or a total lack of

discipline is not the easy way out. It is the path that leads to frustration, resentment and increased feminine misbehavior. The loving man will always

discipline his woman when it is necessary, because he knows in his heart that it will be best for her. He knows in his heart that the discipline is for her

own good. He knows in his heart that disciplining her properly and effectively is the loving choice. Inadequate or insufficient discipline is not only the

choice of an uncertain man, ultimately it is the choice of a less loving man. The loving HOH knows that disciplining his woman will always be for her own

good and will always increase the love in his relationship with her.

As a man grows in experience in his role of HOH, having the sole and weighty responsibility for disciplining his wife for her misbehavior, he will become

more comfortable with the fact that she benefits from being disciplined. He will become more comfortable with the fact that disciplining her is an act of

love, because it helps her as a woman, as a wife and as a mother. The loving and experienced HOH will discipline his wife with neither eagerness nor

reluctance. He will do it with an air of loving inevitability, because the loving choice is to discipline a woman when she misbehaves. Letting her

misbehavior go unpunished is not loving. It is a sign of disconnection and of lack of caring. It is a sign of an inability to fulfill his masculine

responsibilities as the HOH. It is a sign that he has allowed himself to temporarily succumb to fear, rather than making the more loving choice. The loving

choice involves disciplining his woman for her own good. Even though it may be unpleasant to spank her to tears, it is the loving choice, because it is in

the woman's best interests. The loving HOH knows that punishment is an act of love. He knows that the absence of punishment or inadequate punishment is

motivated by negative emotions such as fear and laziness.

And why does the loving HOH discipline his woman? We all know that he disciplines her for her own good, so that she can become a better person. But how does

that actually happen? What is the real reason that the HOH must discipline the woman?

The real reason, the inner reason and the ultimate reason for administering Loving Domestic Discipline to the misbehaving woman is to teach her a lesson. And

that lesson is really only about a single thing, even though the external misbehavior may vary greatly. The woman may have been disobedient, dishonest or

disrespectful. Her disobedience, dishonesty or disrespect may have taken any one of an infinite number of forms, because there are an infinite number of ways

to be dishonest, disobedient or disrespectful.

The ultimate lesson of Loving Domestic Discipline is love. That is the ultimate reason why an HOH is sometimes obliged to discipline his woman. Regardless of

whether she has been disrespectful, disobedient or dishonest, the ultimate lesson she needs to learn revolves around love. Loving Domestic Discipline is not

only an act of love by the HOH who disciplines his woman for her own good, it is also a process that teaches the misbehaving woman about love.

One of the reasons why Loving Domestic Discipline is such an effective and successful lifestyle is that it draws upon a man's natural preference for direct

action. When a many disciplines his woman, he is protecting her from herself. He is protecting her from her own non-loving misbehavior. Many of the self help

books that are designed to bring couples closer together do not work, because they are directed at the woman alone. They are written in language that speaks

directly to a feminine sensibility but does not provide any useful or practical techniques for her man. Loving Domestic Discipline, on the other hand, is a

lifestyle and a technique that allows the man to exercise his naturally practical approach to problem solving, while creating the loving and intimate result

that the woman needs. The final combination produces a lifestyle that fulfills the woman's need for love, attention and intimacy, while using to best

advantage the man's instinct for direct, physical action to resolve problems. Both the man and the woman benefit in uniquely different and uniquely

appropriate ways.

There are many different lessons about love that Loving Domestic Discipline teaches a woman. The remainder of this article will examine these love lessons in

more detail.

The first thing Loving Domestic Discipline teaches a woman about love is love of herself. The misbehaving woman is often guilty of neglecting her own true

needs. This is the most common reason why women are punished by their HOH's. Statistically speaking, women are not punished for misbehavior against their HOH

as often as they are punished for misbehavior against their own selves. A woman's lack of respect for herself is the primary cause of most punishment

spankings. This lack of respect for herself is ultimately a sign of a lack of love for herself. By disciplining her, the HOH teaches her to love herself. Not

to love herself in an arrogant, self-satisfied way, but to love herself in the sense of true self-esteem. She has a true and proper regard for herself that

is really an expression of love for herself.

Putting herself in physical danger or engaging in self-destructive behavior is often a sign of a woman's lack of love for herself. When asked why she would

behave in such a way, she might say, "Oh, I will be OK," or "I don't care," or "It doesn't matter." What she is really saying is that she thinks that she

doesn't matter and that she doesn't care about herself. That is a sign that she lacks the minimum level of self-love that is necessary for good self-esteem.

Disciplining her for that kind of misbehavior is an exercise in teaching her to love herself better. It is not a process of teaching her to become

narcissistic and overly in love with herself. It is teaching her to value herself more highly. When she loves herself better, she will also be able to love

others better, including her HOH. He disciplines her to teach her to be more loving towards herself.

Loving Domestic Discipline also teaches a woman to love her HOH. Presumably, she does love him in general since she is married or in a long term relationship

with him. But love can wax or wane as circumstances, events and attitudes change. Sometimes a woman will love her man conditionally. As long as he maintains

or improves upon his existing level of income or status, she will continue to love him. In such a case, her love is more based on the size of his bank

account than the quality of his heart and character. Disciplining her on a regular basis will help to teach her that she should love her HOH for who he is,

not what he is. She should either love her HOH or leave him.

The common feminine offenses of disobedience, dishonesty and disrespect, when directed at her HOH, are evidence of a lack of love in her attitude or behavior

towards him. The loving HOH does not want his woman's obedience because he needs some kind of slave. He wants her obedience because it is a proof of her

love. Her ability to trust and obey her husband is directly proportional to the amount of love she is willing to give him. Her obedience is a gift of love to

her HOH, not a gift of time or effort. Every time she obeys her HOH, she is giving him a gift of her love. It is not because her HOH wants her obedience that

he demands it of her. It is because he wants her love.

Thus, when an HOH punishes his woman for her disobedience, he is teaching her to be more loving, to show more love. It is the height of folly for an HOH not

to punish his woman when she is disobedient, because he is tacitly encouraging her to behave in a non-loving way. Disciplining the disobedient woman teaches

her to show more love to her HOH and to show that she cares about her relationship with him. Their relationship is based on love, so any attempt by her to

undermine it is an attack on their love. Her disobedience must be punished because it is anti-love. Punishing the disobedient woman is a way of guiding her

back towards a more loving path.

Dishonesty is an act that threatens the foundations of a relationship. In the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle, the woman is punished for her dishonesty

because that dishonesty is not loving. Dishonesty creates separation in a couple instead of unity. It is an artificial barrier that pushes the man and woman

apart, when they should really be trying to get closer to each other. Dishonesty is a classic example of feminine misbehavior that the loving HOH should

always punish. He should always punish his woman for dishonesty because he should always act to preserve and to enhance the love in their relationship.

Disciplining the dishonest woman discourages her from behaving in a manner that would reduce or weaken their love. She is disciplined to dissuade her from

behaving in a fashion that militates against love, that is not in the interests of love.                        


Mar 24, 2015

10 commandments of Punishment Time

1. Come here.
2. Take your clothes off.
3. Open your legs.
4. On your knees.
5. Suck it.
6. Fetch the cane.
7. Bend over.
8. Show me how you like to touch it.
9. Don’t come yet.
10. Say ‘thank you, sir.’

Make a big long deal out of pulling her skirt up or pants down and take forever tugging her panties down, but not all the way off.

Make her feel like a princess and a brat at the very same time. 

Put your hand on her bare bottom before you spank. 

Lecture her so softly she has to strain to hear you and she prays you stop talking and start spanking. 

Position her carefully back and forth over your lap until everything is just right. (Take the keys out of your right front pocket lest her squirming gouge a gash in your thigh.)

Place your left hand on the small of her back. 

Then tell her how much you care about her (love her, if appropriate) and then spank her 
Spank her until she can’t stand it anymore. 

Then give her five more slow spanks. This will be hard for you to do, but make them harder than before. (As you may wind up, too)

Gently pluck the panties from her ankles, and with a flourish toss them across the room. 

Then it is on your lap for some cuddling and solace, while remaining stern and insisting she needed the spanking. 

Warn her that next time, it will be harder and with the implement she fears the most. 

Return to a real-life mode but without her panties on. 

As you let her up off your lap, gently brush her nipples with your hand. 

Run your hand through her tangled hair and then down her neck. 

Tell her she is a good girl. 

But she is a good girl only because you care enough to spank her bare bottom.

Nov 26, 2014


Female Realities

Respect his judgment
Respect his abilitiesRespect in communication

Respect in publicRespect in our assumptions

A wife has one driving need — to feel loved. When that need is met, she is happy. A husband has one driving need — to feel respected. When that need is met, he is happy.
When either of these needs isn't  met, things get crazy.

A man needs to feel that he is needed, and that he excels his woman in his role. If she becomes independent, he may question his purpose and his feelings for her "since his romantic feelings partly arise from her need to be protected, sheltered and cared for." -
A woman should accept her husband at face-value and not try to change him. His pride and freedom are inviolable. She should focus on his good qualities and he will improve naturally in response to her.

Nov 24, 2014


There is no particular prescription about Loving Domestic Discipline that says a woman is supposed to be scared when she is about to be disciplined. However, most women are either scared or filled with some kind of dread before they are spanked. Often, a woman will be trembling like a leaf after she is told to prepare herself for a spanking by her HOH. This is entirely natural and normal. If a woman does not fear the spanking in some way, it will have no disciplinary effect, nor will it have any deterrent effect to prevent her from misbehaving in the same way afterwards. Her HOH should not be taking any kind of pride or pleasure in her fear, but he should be man enough and strong enough to have the ability to instill this fear in her through the strength of his hand when he spanks her and the tone of his voice when he scolds her. If she does not fear being disciplined in some way, the spanking won't have the same effect. She doesn't necessarily fear her HOH - she fears the pain of the spanking. And the spanking comes automatically as a response to her misbehavior, so in fact she is in control of the fear, because she can control her own words and actions.

Often, the fear that a woman feels when she is about to be spanked will make it easier for her to be brought to tears when her husband begins to spank and scold her. And as you probably know already, tears are highly beneficial for the woman being disciplined, because they help her to overcome the internal resistance and stubbornness that prevent her from learning the lesson that her HOH is trying to teach her.

You may or may not feel less fear as you continue with Loving Domestic Discipline. For some women, the fear varies with the offense committed. Even a woman who has been living a Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle for a few years may become quite scared if she knows that she has done something really wrong, because she knows that her spanking and scolding will be more severe than usual, and because she knows that she has severely disappointed her HOH. She knows that he won't go easy on her, so she is likely to be more scared than usual. Even as a woman gets used to being disciplined for misbehavior, she should still be reasonably afraid of the pain of a spanking. Otherwise, it won't have a sufficient deterrent effect on her misbehavior.

Even women who enjoy being spanked for erotic reasons will still normally dread a punishment spanking. Although you would think that these women would have less fear of a punishment spanking than someone who is only spanked for discipline, they are usually still quite afraid of being disciplined. This is because they know that the spanking will carry an entirely different meaning. Its significance goes beyond a mere physical stimulation of their bottom (an erotic spanking) and instead is meant to be something painful, unpleasant and disciplinary - something that will teach her a lesson. Many women who receive both types of spankings (erotic and punishment) report that their erotic spankings can often be physically harder and more painful than their punishment spankings. In spite of this, these women do not fear an erotic spanking, yet they dread receiving a punishment spanking, which may actually be milder and less severe.

It all depends on context. Think about people who like to go hiking and camping. They take all their food and equipment on their backs, hiking through rough terrain in all sorts of weather, before sleeping virtually in the open, without benefit of any heating or airconditioning. But this is called "fun." It resembles what many people who are refugees from a war situation have to do - they are hiking through all sorts of terrain, carrying all their possessions on their backs. But no one envies a refugee. No one calls what they do "recreational." Because it is not. Walking through the wilderness is called "hiking" if it is done voluntarily and it is called "refugee fleeing war" if done in a different context. So it is the context that matters.

Loving Domestic Discipline is different from erotic spanking because it is done with a different purpose in mind. It is designed to teach the woman better behavior and to restore love and harmony in the home. Although it may resemble an activity that many couples engage in for sex play, it is not the same thing because it occurs in a different context. It is not a sexual context, even though it involves the woman's bare bottom. The context is a disciplinary context, so the feelings are completely different.

When a woman is about to receive a punishment, it is natural for her to be scared. She knows that she is going to receive an attitude adjustment. She knows that her pride or arrogance are going to be dealt with, because she is going to be humbled. She knows that she will feel physically and emotionally different after her spanking. She knows that she will think differently after being disciplined. She knows that she may be crying soon, even if she is dry-eyed now. She knows that the trembling she feels just before she is spanked will soon turn into sobs that will make her body shudder with sorrow and repentance when she has been brought to tears by the firm hand of her HOH. All these things will inspire a certain amount of fear in the woman who is about to be spanked. And so they should.

The common thread that links all these fears together is change. It is ultimately a highly positive change, even though the process is a little traumatic for her. Loving Domestic Discipline is a way of creating positive change in a woman's life and relationship with her HOH. The changes that she wants to experience in her life are almost always postive changes. She wants to experience more love, to be a better person, to be a better wife, to overcome the attitudes and behaviors that are currently holding her back. She wants these changes, but despite her best efforts in the past, she has not been successful in achieving them. In theory, any woman should be able to create a positive change just by deciding to do it. In practice, many women are not always able to carry out the changes they really want. So that is where Loving Domestic Discipline comes in. It provides a means of achieving rapid, powerful and positive change in a woman's life and marriage. It cuts through all the barriers to change - habits, fears, bad attitudes. Because all these things go right out the window when she is actually over her husband's knee, getting soundly spanked and bawling her eyes out. The only thing left is the pain and humiliation of her spanking, which she suddenly realizes is much worse than any of the things she was afraid to change. Suddenly, the fears that stopped her behaving better or speaking more kindly seem quite insignificant, compared to the pain of her spanking. She realizes that she had better start changing ASAP. She realizes that her HOH wants her to change for the better. She realizes that if she doesn't change, she faces the prospect of another unpleasant spanking for the same offense. So in a sense, Loving Domestic Discipline is a facilitator of positive change. It obliges a woman to make the changes that she is too lazy, too afraid or too stubborn to make herself. It breaks through her negative emotions to create positive change.

A man should gently hold his woman before he spanks her and he should tell her why she is going to be disciplined. That is what the best HOH's do, assuming the woman is sufficiently cooperative and self-controlled to allow herself to be held by him. It is always important for the woman to know why she is going to be disciplined and it is also important that the HOH reassure her that he is doing this for her own good, out of love, not out of anger. If that helps to calm some of her fears, that is not a bad thing. The purpose of Loving Domestic Discipline is to create positive and loving change, not to make the woman completely hysterical with fear. Although being a little scared helps the disciplinary process, more fear is not necessarily a better thing. The loving husband knows this, and will act to calm the woman prior to her spanking, so that she is not completely overcome by fear. All the same, if she had no fear at all of her spanking, it would have no disciplinary effect.

Loving Domestic Discipline is called Loving Domestic Discipline for very good reasons. The word "Loving" is used because this lifestyle helps to create love between a man and a woman. The words "Domestic Discipline" on their own are fairly dry and detached - they could refer to house cleaning or financial restraint, rather than love. But Loving Domestic Discipline connects a number of different concepts - Love, the Home and Discipline (or teaching, which is what discipline originally meant). So Loving Domestic Discipline involves teaching a woman any lessons that she needs to learn, in the privacy and safety of the home, so that she is capable of both giving and receiving more love. It is a very simple idea, and it is a very effective practice.

Love is the opposite of fear. However, sometimes we need to push through our fears in order to get to love. Loving Domestic Discipline helps a woman to get past her fears so that she can get closer to love. Her HOH is responsible for pushing her through these fears via the spanking process, so that she becomes the best that she can be.

Some women fear that their HOH will become less loving if he is obliged to spank her regularly - that his role in punishing her for misbehavior will take over his own personality as her loving husband or partner. Essentially, they fear that he will turn into some kind of "spanking demon" who no longer feels or shows any affection for her. This is an understandable fear but it is absolutely unfounded. As a couple move into the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle, the man will become more involved with his wife, not less involved. He will be drawn closer to her, as a direct result of his involvement in monitoring her behavior and disciplining her for her misbehavior, and as a direct result of the much more loving ambience that occurs after she has been disciplined for that misbehavior. The love that Loving Domestic Discipline creates is not a one-sided love. It affects both partners equally. The improved flow of masculine and feminine love energies works in both directions, filling each person with a much greater love for each other than they had before the discipline took place.

Sometimes a woman will fear the loss of identity that might occur during her spanking. She may feel that she temporarily becomes a nobody while she is over her HOH's lap being spanked. This is a mistaken fear, because even while she is being punished, she is never a non-person. There is a big difference between humbling a woman by disciplining her and turning her into a non-entity. Loving Domestic Discipline is probably the opposite of treating a woman like a nobody, because it involves the man giving her his full attention. Spanking will not only focus a woman's mind very effectively, it will also require the man's full attention if he is going to discipline her at all. And the sight of his wife's bare bottom tends to always focus a man's attention, especially if he is involved in spanking her bottom at the same time. A woman is more likely to feel like a nobody if her husband resolves their arguments in the conventional way - by retreating from her, by ignoring her and by leaving her in a stony silence. That is what makes a woman feel like a non-entity. Being put over his knee and spanked to tears, on the other hand, can be very painful and humiliating, but it is certainly not a case of being treated like a nobody! She can be very sure that her HOH is not thinking about anything or anyone else when he is spanking her. Spanking a woman takes full concentration.

When a woman is about to start a Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle with her husband, she may feel afraid that she will lose her identity because she is going to submit to his guidance and his discipline. If a woman is new to submission, it may seem to her like a wonderful thing on one hand, but on the other hand it may also raise fears about becoming a non-person if she starts to submit to her HOH. This is a common fear but a groundless one. What will happen when a woman enters a Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle is that her submission will lead to change in her self, rather than loss of self. Change involves forward movement, not loss. She will change when she starts to submit, but she will change for the better. She will become a happier, more loved and more loving woman as a result of Loving Domestic Discipline. She will not lose her identity, but she will experience her identity evolving and growing as she herself grows and evolves into a happier and more fulfilled person. If it all becomes too overwhelming, she can always abandon the whole Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle and return to how she and her HOH were before they started to use discipline in their relationship. But most women prefer to push forward towards love and growth, rather than sliding back into the unsatisfactory and unhappy way they lived before they started Loving Domestic Discipline.

Some women fear that they will lose their personality characteristics that make them who they are as an individual. A woman with a perky personality who is full of zest and humor may worry that she is going to become a boringly obedient, bland doormat of a woman after she starts practicing Loving Domestic Discipline. Nothing could be further from the truth. Loving Domestic Discipline is not going to change her essential character, the things that make her who she is. She will not lose her perkiness, her zest for life or her sense of humor when she starts to live a Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle. Loving Domestic Discipline can't change the good stuff in a woman's personality. But it does help her to sort out the bad stuff - the habits, attitudes or behaviors that really hold her back, that stop her from being as happy and as fulfilled as she wants to be.


If you experience a great deal of fear before you are about to be spanked and if you have a strong religious faith, you may find it useful to pray before your spanking. Many women who are either reasonably religious or spiritual find it very helpful to offer up some prayers before their spanking. They pray that they will be given the strength to get through the pain of their spanking, that they will be able to submit properly to their HOH, that their HOH will discipline them effectively and that they will be taught the lesson that they need to learn from the spanking. A woman may also say a prayer of thanks to God for having blessed her with a husband who loves her enough to take the time and trouble to discipline her for misbehavior. Women who practice Christian Domestic Discipline often find that prayer is very helpful before being disciplined. It is also quite common for them to pray together with their HOH's for a successful and loving outcome of the discipline session. The husband may pray that he is given the moral strength to punish his wife thoroughly enough so that she learns her lesson. He may also pray that he is blessed with the self-discipline to ensure that he is not overly harsh with her punishment. But most importantly, prayer can help him to overcome his own fears of hurting her, because these fears will often prevent him from disciplining her properly.

Christian Domestic Discipline, for those who don't know of it, is simply a variation on Domestic Discipline which focuses on Christian and Biblical approaches to discipline; in particular, the evidence of verses in the Bible that justify the practice of wife discipline. Some practitioners of Christian Domestic Discipline believe that the Bible advocates the physical discipline of wives, while others believe that the Bible only goes so far as to advise a wife to be submissive to her husband. If you are interested in finding out more about this approach to domestic discipline, you could consider joining the Christian Domestic Discipline discussion group on Yahoo. A link to it is provided in the "Discussion Groups - Yahoo" section of every page of the Loving Domestic Discipline blog, on the right hand side of the page. Just scroll this page up or down and you will find it on the right hand side, amongst all the other links.

Some couples also pray after the discipline is finished, which means after the woman has been fully spanked and after she has completed her assigned Corner Time, if her HOH uses Corner Time as part of the discipline process. These post-discipline prayers are usually prayers of thanks to express gratitude for a successful and effective discipline, for the woman's realization of the error of her ways, for the reintroduction of love into her behavior and into their relationship, for the wisdom that she has gained as a result of being disciplined by her HOH. They may also give thanks for the existence of the practice of Loving Domestic Discipline or Christian Domestic Discipline, because they are techniques that bring so much love, respect and harmony into the marriage and into the home.

A woman's post-spanking prayers might express her fervent wish to be a better person in future, so that her behavior is closer to the Christian ideal of loving and respectful behavior, instead of the selfish or childish behavior that led to her punishment in the first place. She might also pray that, if she does allow herself to behave selfishly or childishly in future, that she has the courage and the honesty to accept the punishment that she deserves, rather than attempting to beg, whine or wheedle her way out of it. This is a simple and direct example of how prayer can help a woman to overcome her fears about being disciplined, and to behave in a more loving way.

You don't even have to be a Christian to benefit from prayer before or after your discipline. Women of various other faiths including Judaism, Islam and Buddhism practice Loving Domestic Discipline, and many of them find that prayer helps them to face the fear and pain of their spanking with a calmer and more submissive attitude, which is ultimately a more loving approach. The woman does not need to wait until after she has been spanked to tears before she allows herself to feel some love. She can approach the entire Loving Domestic Discipline process with a more loving attitude herself, even if she is afraid of the pain of the spanking she is about to receive. She can give submission and love at any stage of the Loving Domestic Discipline process, not only afterwards, when her pride, arrogance, disrespect and carelessness have been spanked out of her.


Although they may not talk about it very much, a man may have many different fears about the whole Loving Domestic Discipline process. His greatest fear is usually the most obvious one - he may be afraid of hurting her. After a whole lifetime of being taught not to hit a woman, he is suddenly put into a situation where he must not only hit the woman he loves, but he must do it repeatedly, hurting her sufficiently until she has learned her lesson. This is a fairly major hurdle to overcome for many men. The first thing a man can do for himself is to admit to himself (he doesn't have to talk about it with his wife, necessarily) that he is a bit afraid of hurting her. Once he has admitted to himself that this may be a problem for him, he is more than halfway there to solving it. The rest of the way will come with practice, experience and self-understanding. His woman can help him by not trying to make him feel guilty for disciplining her and by submitting to his disciplines without arguing or questioning his decision.

A man may not only fear hurting his woman in a general way, but he may also fear that he will lose her love and respect if he does hurt her. It is natural for a man to want his wife's love and respect. Normally, he tries to avoid doing anything that will result in the loss of this wifely love and respect. If he feels that disciplining his wife puts her love and respect at risk, he will naturally feel rather reluctant to discipline her properly. Most women in a Loving Domestic Discipline relationship know that the opposite is true - after being spanked for the first time, their love and respect for their husband increases incredibly, and they see him through new eyes. Since this is the exact opposite of what most men are expecting, it is sometimes difficult for them to spank her properly. But if the woman takes care to communicate how each spanking has helped her with her behavior and with her relationship to her HOH, he will be greatly reassured on this matter. The article on "Thanking" explains how important it is for a woman to thank her HOH for disciplining her, which is something that she should do after each spanking she has received. Spanking and thanking should always go hand in hand.

A man may also fear losing his wife's friendship if he has to discipline her. Before Loving Domestic Discipline, their relationship may have had a strong component of friendship. Not only are they lovers, but also friends who share many different and fun experiences together. It is hard for many men to conceive of spanking a woman who is also his friend, because he may fear losing her friendship if he has to punish her for misbehavior. After all, if he physically punished one of his male buddies for some reason, it is highly unlikely that their friendship would survive that episode. So a man tends to assume that his friendship with his wife must run along the same lines as a friendship with one of his male friends - which is totally wrong. A male - female love relationship has a completely different dynamic to a same sex buddy friendship. The way that a woman relates to her husband is different from the way that she relates to her female friends too. So a man needs to realize that a Loving Domestic Discipline dynamic is not going to ruin the wonderful and intimate friendship that he has with his wife. In fact, it will actually strengthen that friendship enormously.

Loving Domestic Discipline will strengthen a friendship between a man and his woman because it provides them with yet another intense and shared experience together. A discipline spanking is a fairly intense experience, both emotionally and physically. And it is a shared experience, although the roles are obviously totally different - the man does the spanking and the woman is one who is spanked. If the woman is successfully brought to tears, the emotional intensity of the experience is enhanced even further, which is why women will often be quite disappointed when they are not spanked hard enough or long enough to bring them to tears. The man needs to know that giving his wife a punishment spanking when she needs to be disciplined for misbehavior is not going to harm the friendship he has with her. It will do the exact opposite. Giving her a good spanking when she needs one is going to enhance and improve their friendship amazingly. He just needs to have the courage and the self-discipline to be able to take her through her punishment properly, so that when she emerges from her discipline she is remade and renewed. Their friendship will ultimately be strengthened greatly by a successful Loving Domestic Discipline for the woman when she misbehaves. It is her misbehavior that will weaken their friendship, not strengthen it. By dealing positively and assertively with his wife's feminine misbehavior via a strong and effective Loving Domestic Discipline punishment spanking, the man is doing everything he can to strengthen and improve their friendship as well as their husband/wife relationship.

A man may be afraid of seriously injuring his woman when he spanks her. Even if he has come to terms with the fact that he must hurt her if he wants to help her, he may still be afraid of accidentally injuring her more seriously. This fear can easily be dealt with by following the safe and simple procedures outlined in the article, "How To Spank A Woman." The female bottom is really a very safe place to spank a woman, as long as the normal precautions are followed.

This fear of seriously injuring his woman may in turn be connected to a man's fear of other people finding out that he spanks his wife for misbehavior, which in turn may be linked to a fear of being a social outcast if other people do find out. He needs to make sure that he can discipline his wife in privacy, so that others are unlikely to find out. If they are not sure whether a room is sufficiently soundproof, the man can stand in the closed room and clap his hands loudly and continuously, while his woman can stand in another part of the home or outside the home, to see whether she can hear the noise of his clapping hands. If she can, then either soundproofing measures or masking measures (masking the sound with another sound like music or the TV) need to be taken. Bear in mind that sometimes the sound of clapping hands can sometimes be louder than the sound of a spanking, however.

A may be afraid of being too harsh in his punishment of his wife. He may agree with the idea of Loving Domestic Discipline and be happy with the results he is getting when he uses Loving Domestic Discipline to correct his woman, but he may be reluctant to spank her harder because he sees it as being too harsh or too cruel. He might be comfortable with the idea of giving her five swats or spanks for misbehavior, but be horrified at the idea of giving her ten swats because he thinks it is too cruel. Or another man might be totally comfortable with the idea of giving his wife fifty swats for misbehavior but be horrified at giving her one hundred. It is important for any man to realize that there are three main issues to consider when it comes to disciplining a woman: (1) What kind of woman his wife actually is - maybe she starts crying before the discipline even begins, or maybe she needs a few firm swats to bring her to tears, or maybe she is the kind of woman who needs a good ten to twenty minutes of solid spanking, scolding and Corner Time to reliably make her cry; (2) What the actual offense she committed is - the punishment should normally fit the crime, so that she receives a more severe punishment for more serious offenses; (3) Her current mood - whether she is in a feisty and disobedient mood, or an angry mood, or if she is sullen and morose, or if she is flippant and contemptuous of her responsibilities, etc. Different moods call for different amounts and types of discipline to bring her to a more realistic appraisal of her situation and of her behavior and attitudes.

Some men are afraid that they will break their woman's spirit if they discipline her using Loving Domestic Discipline. They fear that she won't be able to handle her discipline and will lose her perkiness, her zest for life and any other quality that endeared her to her HOH in the first place. This is an understandable fear but one which is based on a natural masculine misunderstanding of a woman's resiliency. A good spanking will not break any woman's spirit. What it will do is to break her arrogance, her pigheadedness or her stubbornness. These are the kind of negative attitudes that get her into trouble in the first place.

Most people who read the articles on Loving Domestic Discipline and other sites are aware of how important tears are to the disciplinary process. It is really helpful for the disciplined woman if she is able to be brought to tears during her spanking. When a woman is not brought to tears, she is missing out on some of the most important benefits of Loving Domestic Discipline. Her lack of tears can be due to any different number of factors. One of them may be that her HOH could be afraid to make her cry. Even though he might be a big fan of Loving Domestic Discipline because he has seen the incredible benefits that it has brought to their marriage, and even though he may fully believe that his woman needs to be disciplined from time to time for her own good, he may still have some strong residual fears about making her cry. Boys learn not to hit girls from an early age. This conditioning can be very strong, because it starts quite young and continues throughout childhood and adolescence, not to mention through entire adult lifetimes. One way that a young boy can get into a lot of trouble is by hitting a girl, and one of the main forms of evidence that he has hit a girl is her tears. Of course there are other ways of making girls cry other than hitting them, but boys know that hitting a girl plus tears from her equals big trouble for him. So it is natural that a man might have strong reservations about actually bringing his wife to tears during a Loving Domestic Discipline spanking, even though he knows instinctively and intellectually that it would be best for her if she were made to cry as a result of her spanking. He needs to overcome his fear of making her cry if he is going to be able to discipline her properly. He needs to remind himself that it is very important for his woman to be spanked to tears because it will help her to learn her lesson much more effectively. He should also understand the source of his fear, which will make it easier for him to overcome the fear.

Another common fear or worry that an HOH can have is that he will become sexually aroused while disciplining his wife. He may be concerned that his sexual arousal will be a sign to his woman that he is not taking her punishment seriously, or that his commitment to Loving Domestic Discipline is shaky in some way. A man should not worry if he becomes sexually aroused while he is spanking his woman. It is a natural and normal response. Some men respond this way and others do not, but neither group should concern themselves about it. If a man does get aroused while disciplining his woman, it is a simply physical response to the sight and the touch of his woman's bare bottom, and it need not interfere with the discipline at all, unless he decides to act on his arousal and suspend the spanking prematurely. As long as he carries the discipline process right through to its natural conclusion (ideally, bringing the woman to tears of contrition), he need not worry about being aroused. His sexual arousal would only be a problem if it interfered with his ability to discipline her properly. So for the man it is a simple question of self-discipline. He needs to gird his loins for a sufficiently long enough time to be able to completely and properly discipline his woman so that she is both punished and educated adequately about correct feminine behavior.

Sometimes a man may fear his own enthusiasm for Loving Domestic Discipline. He may worry that he is becoming a sadist, rather than a loving husband. He may feel that he is taking his woman to task with too much enthusiasm, or that he is enjoying his work in disciplining her, or that he is enjoying it a little too much. These fears are normally groundless. Such enthusiasm is born from a number of different sources. One is that a man starts to finally feel like a useful person in his marriage, usually for the first time. Men are good at fixing things because of their spatial and practical focus on the world. Men enjoy fixing things. Men prefer to think in a simple, linear fashion, unlike women who prefer complexity and circularity. Neither method is better or worse - they are just different, that's all.

When things go wrong in a relationship, the man is often berated for not listening enough, for not expressing himself well enough or for not empathizing enough. While it is fine and healthy for men to develop these qualities too, these are essentially feminine abilities, not masculine ones. So men are often frustrated by their woman's requirement that their man become expert in feminine attributes. If a man is constantly criticized for his failure to be a woman and his masculine habits (sports, war movies etc) are regularly ridiculed as being puerile and adolescent, he won't feel too good at all about himself. Many men are made to feel like failures in their relationships by both society and by their women. They are failures simply for being men and pursuing noisy, dirty and sometimes dangerous activities that women do not value, and they are failures for being no good at things that women do value, like empathy, verbal self-expression, and listening for hours on end.

So when a man discovers Loving Domestic Discipline, he discovers that for maybe the first or second time in his marriage, he is good at doing something. He is useful again. He has a purpose. He has a unique ability that his woman does not have. He feels validated and appreciated for his talents, his efforts and his care. When he starts to discipline his wife effectively and he starts to see the benefits of this discipline, he can become quite enthusiastic about Loving Domestic Discipline. And why shouldn't he? When anyone does an activity that brings success of some kind, their natural instinct is to become more enthusiastic about that activity. When a man starts to use Loving Domestic Discipline in his relationship and he starts to see that it is changing his wife's behavior for the better, it is making her a happier person and it is creating more love in their marriage - he starts to get more enthusiastic about the whole spanking thing. Of course he does - because it is working, and working well. Men like it when things work. Men like it when they fix something and it works better. Loving Domestic Discipline utilizes the uniquely masculine fix-it skills in a way that is emotionally and personally rewarding for a man. It enables him to participate in the most intimate and meaningful relationship in his life in a way that uses his skills as a man. Most men are quite good at being men, but really bad at being women. So the masculine role in Loving Domestic Discipline can be very fulfilling for a man. But because he starts to feel so good about himself and so enthusiastic about Loving Domestic Discipline, he may start to feel guilty about these good feelings and this newfound enthusiasm. If that happens, he simply needs to be aware that there is no reason to feel guilty for helping his wife become a better, happier, more loving person. There is no reason to feel guilty for making a genuinely helpful and positive contribution to his marriage. There is no reason to feel guilty for creating more love, respect and intimacy in his marriage. Because that is exactly what Loving Domestic Discipline does.

Another common fear for men practicing Loving Domestic Discipline, especially in the early stages, is not spanking his woman using the correct technique. He knows from his own experience of other physical activities like sports that technique is important for success. So when he is starting out disciplining his woman, he may wonder and worry whether he is using the correct technique or not. He may even wonder how his own technique measures up to that of other men who spank their wives. Is he doing it completely wrongly? This fear is easily dealt with. On this site you will find an article called "How To Spank A Woman" which explains a basic handspanking technique. It does not give instructions for the use of paddles or belts for disciplining a misbehaving woman, but these are not necessary for the absolute beginner. There are plenty of other articles about how to spank a woman on other DD sites, so if you follow the DD links on the right hand side of the page, you will find plenty of other information on the topic.

The main thing to remember is that spanking a woman is not very difficult. It is not rocket science. A woman's bottom is generally large and round, so it is not a difficult target to hit. A man is generally stronger than a woman so he should be able to control her if she struggles. And a good, sound spanking will generally improve a woman's behavior and attitude in an amazingly effective way. Wifespanking has been practiced for thousands of years, but since we managed to forget or suppress it in the last few decades, some people think that you need a PhD to discipline a woman. You do not. The memory of how to spank a woman is stored in your genes if you are a man. You don't need to worry too much about it or think too hard. Just do it.

Some men may be concerned that they are not disciplining their woman effectively. They may be afraid that their discipline will be ineffective and that there will be no change or improvement in their woman's behavior after she has been spanked. This is a valid concern, because there is no point spanking her if it doesn't improve some aspect of her misbehavior. It may not cure it overnight and it may not cure it totally, but it should have some discernable effect. Men who are worried about disciplining their woman ineffectively or inadequately should read the article called "Insufficient Discipline" which addresses this issue in detail. Another point to consider is that the man can always ask his woman if she thought her last discipline was effective or not. She will usually have a reasonably clear idea about whether her last spanking was sufficient to teach her a lesson, or whether she still retains some residual resentment and frustration because she wasn't spanked properly.

Another fear that can interfere with how successfully an HOH disciplines his woman is the fear of being discovered by other people. Although both the man and the woman may be deeply convinced of the need for Loving Domestic Discipline and its incredible benefits for their love and their life together, they are probably aware that not everyone else may feel the same way. And Loving Domestic Discipline is a fairly intimate act, both physically and emotionally. So the fear of discovery can hamper a man's efforts to discipline his wife properly, making him spank her too softly for fear of being overheard, whether from the sound of the swats on her bottom or from the sound of her cries of pain. Spanking her harder will only increase this fear, so that is obviously not a good solution. The best solution is to spank her in a more soundproof room. If soundproofing is too difficult or too expensive, the next best thing is to spank her with an implement that makes less noise, such as something called a Loopy Johnny. Here is an online store where you can buy one. A Loopy Johnny is very quiet indeed and is much safer to use than a cane. Although a cane is less noisy than a belt or a paddle, a cane needs a high level of expertise to be wielded properly, otherwise it can cause injury. A Loopy Johnny is a simple and quiet tool for disciplining a woman very effectively with very little noise from the actual spanking. The only other noise that will need to be dealt with is the noise from her cries and tears, but a woman can often take care of this herself by arranging to cry into a pillow during her spanking. Naturally, the HOH should test out the Loopy Johnny on his own thigh before using it for the first time, so that he is aware of how much it hurts and how much force (not a huge amount) is required to apply it successfully as a disciplinary implement for Loving Domestic Discipline. It is an excellent, low-noise device for adjusting the disobedient and misbehaving woman's attitude.


Women can have many fears about the Loving Domestic Discipline process, even if they were the one to suggest this lifestyle to their HOH. The majority of Loving Domestic Discipline relationships are started by women because they instinctively realize that this lifestyle is going to bring great benefits to their marriage.

One common fear for women about being disciplined is that some or all of their body will be on display during the spanking. A woman's problems with her body image can intensify her fear of being punished because she knows that she will have to bare her bottom so that she can be spanked, and she might even have to strip completely naked if her HOH demands it. These fears are addressed in detail in the "Nudity 2" article on this site, so it is not necessary to repeat that information here. Suffice it to say that the Loving Domestic Discipline process itself can help a woman greatly with her problems with body image, so in many ways, her discipline itself contains the solution to her problems of poor body image.

Another fear that many women have is of not being disciplined properly. You would think that a woman would be more afraid of the pain of her spanking than whether it was going to be effective or not. But it is certainly true that many women are afraid that their spanking won't go far enough - it won't discipline them sufficiently, it won't humble them enough, it won't bring them to tears, it won't teach them a lesson. They are afraid of receiving an insufficient discipline because they know or they intuit that an insufficient discipline will cause more problems than it will resolve. This fear causes tension and worry in the woman being spanked and this tension and worry make it more difficult for her to cry. Which makes it harder for her HOH to discipline her properly, unless he spanks her in a persistent, loving and determined way. Which is the only way a woman should ever be disciplined, anyway. If a man doesn't plan to do the job right, he shouldn't start it in the first place. So any man who takes on the responsibility of disciplining his woman should always approach it with a loving and success-oriented attitude. Love should always be his highest guide, but success should always be his goal. Success in punishing her effectively, success in bringing her to tears, success in teaching her a lesson, success in changing her bad behavior or attitude.

Women often have many fears that prevent them from successfully being brought to tears by a spanking. Since tears are so helpful and so important for Loving Domestic Discipline, it is worth exploring what some of these fears may be and how they can be overcome, so that a woman can be more reliably made to cry during her spanking. One of the biggest fears that a woman can have about being brought to tears by her HOH spanking her is her fear of letting go or surrendering. She is probably the one who suggested the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle in the first place to her man and offered to submit to him as her Head of Household. She is probably quite aware that regular discipline spanking helps her to behave much better and to be a more loving woman. She is probably quite grateful to her HOH for punishing her whenever it becomes necessary, because she can see how much it benefits her behavior and attitude. In spite of all these facts, she may still not have fully come to terms with what submission really means for her. She may be willing to submit only partially, although consciously she believes that her submission is total.

There are two ways for a woman to overcome her lack of submission or her inadequate surrender. The first way is the simplest, though not necessarily the easiest. It involves her consciously working on her own submission to try and improve it herself. She can practice submission to her HOH in many parts of daily life. Submission is a simple choice that she can make for herself, every time that it is a possibility. A woman can practice submission by doing simple things such as cooking and serving dinner to her HOH, instead of telling him to put a TV dinner in the microwave oven himself. She can practice submission by not questioning every single idea or decision her HOH may have, but trusting him to want the best for his wife and family. This daily practice of submission will help her attitude enormously. She will find it much easier to surrender to her HOH when he disciplines her, because submission will have become a simple and loving habit instead of an effort of will. She will find it easier to submit to her spanking. She will find it easier to obey her HOH and maintain her position obediently during her punishment, instead of wriggling and squirming around to avoid his swats. She will find it easier to take her punishment more quietly, instead of screaming hysterically and dramatically every time she receives a swat on her bottom. And most importantly, she will find it easier to start crying during her discipline as her HOH takes her to her breaking point and beyond, where she will start to cry tears of contrition and true repentance for her misbehavior. Which is exactly what she needs to experience as a result of her spanking.

The second way for a woman to become more submissive is also very simple and it requires absolutely no effort at all for the woman. However it involves considerably more effort for the man. The second simple path to increased feminine submission is via discipline, which is most commonly spanking. Discipline itself creates submission in a woman. Discipline has the ability to correct and re-educate a woman about her misbehavior. Discipline will also cleanse away the guilt and shame that a woman experiences when she knows that she has misbehaved and needs to be punished. Discipline will also relieve any other residual stress that she may be experiencing. Discipline will also have a profoundly cathartic effect for her, especially if she is brought to tears properly. And finally, discipline will have another very important benefit of making her more submissive. Every single spanking that a woman receives is doing her good, because it deals with her bad behavior. But every single spanking will benefit a woman also because it helps her with her submissiveness. It leads her back towards a more loving, gentle, submissive and feminine path. It takes her away from pride, arrogance, stubbornness, suspicion, jealousy, hatred and all those other negative emotions, and returns her to a path of love and submission. This is why Maintenance Discipline can help a woman so much, even though she may not have committed any disciplinable offenses since her last punishment spanking.

A woman will sometimes be unable to cry during her spanking because she fears showing weakness. She may have been raised to never show weakness. Some women have been raised to show as few feminine emotions as possible, which is rather tragic when you really think about it. It takes an incredible amount of effort to pretend to be someone you are not. All this effort is basically wasted energy and wasted time. A woman needs to allow herself to show weakness through tears and other forms of self-expression. Otherwise she is just repressing her own emotions, and we all know what that leads to - unhappiness, frustration and ill-health. Why shouldn't a woman show weakness through crying? It is a perfectly natural means of expressing herself. Women do naturally tend to cry more frequently than men. That is a fact that is both biological and social in origin, and is nothing to be ashamed of. Suppressing a natural, feminine urge to cry will never help a woman. On the contrary, she is harming herself by suppressing her tears. She needs to accept the fact of her own femininity and learn that tears are a beautiful expression of submission during a Loving Domestic Discipline spanking, not a sign of terrible weakness as she may mistakenly believe. Tears signify the moment when a woman's pigheaded, wrong, arrogant and unloving attitudes have been broken by the sustained efforts of her HOH as he spanks her for her misbehavior. That is a beautiful moment, not a moment to be avoided. Tears are a sign that the woman has been brought back to herself, to her normal, natural loving self.

Another fear that prevents some women from crying during a punishment spanking is their fear that once they start crying, they will never stop. Some women have so much repressed emotion inside them that has built up over years and years, that they fear what would happen if the dam broke. Such a woman may fear that if she allows herself to be brought to tears by her HOH, that her tears will flow forever without stopping, because she has so many things to cry about. So instead she unconsciously represses her urge to cry during her spanking, despite the profound benefits it would definitely bring her. This fear is entirely understandable and natural. It is perfectly normal for a woman to be afraid to let go for the first time, because she may be afraid of crying for the entire next week. This fear is usually highly overstated too, because even though a woman may have plenty to cry about, she is not going to cry forever and ever. When a dam breaks, a lot of water certainly does flow from its breached walls, but every dam has a finite capacity, which means that sooner or later it will stop flowing. Just because a woman may have a few decades of repressed emotions that she needs to cry out when she is disciplined, she does not have to fear that her tears will never stop. They will always stop of their own accord. If she cries for a long time when she is first brought to tears, that is usually a very good thing and she should not attempt to bring her tears to a premature end. Let them continue until they stop naturally of their own accord. She may cry for a relatively long time, but it always seems longer than it really is. Also, it is worth remembering that her tears will often be less lengthy the subsequent times that she is made to cry, so she should not be afraid of being brought to tears in future punishment spankings.

Some women fear humiliation. Some women fear humiliation even more than they fear the pain of a discipline spanking, in fact. They fear that the humiliation of being disciplined will be too much to bear. They fear that they will lose all their self-respect and their self-esteem as a result of this humiliation. They fear that the humiliation will have a crushing effect on them as a person. These are all common fears that many women may have about being disciplined. Like most fears, they are not based on reality. Instead, they are based on an imagined reality, which is why they are called fears in the first place.

A woman may fear the humiliation of the spanking itself, because being treated like a disobedient child and receiving corporal punishment for misbehavior is a fairly humiliating experience in itself. Other women may fear the humiliation of being partially or fully nude for their discipline, because they have serious body image issues. These issues are addressed in the two articles on "Nudity." Some women find the idea of Corner Time too humiliating and fervently avow that they would never submit to Corner Time. They feel that being spanked like a naughty child is quite alright but being made to stand in the corner is just beyond the pale - only a monster would do that to his wife. Hopefully the ridiculousness of that attitude is becoming clear to you even as you read this.

It is very important for a woman to examine her fear of humiliation quite carefully. Often what one woman finds too humiliating to even consider will be a process that another woman experiences as an unpleasant but highly effective part of Loving Domestic Discipline. Humiliation is a very strong word and can put people off by its power alone. What is usually a better term for the kind of effect that many Loving Domestic Discipline practices have is the word "humbling." Total nudity is humbling for the woman rather than truly humiliating. Corner Time is meant to be humbling rather than humiliating in its effects on the disciplined woman. Spanking itself is valuable and effective not only for the temporary physical pain it causes in a woman's bottom, but also because it has a deeply humbling effect on her. It humbles her pride, her arrogance, her cruelty, her inconsiderateness, her selfishness, her disobedience, her dishonesty and her disrespect. That is exactly what it is supposed to do. If spanking did not have a humbling effect on the punished woman, it would not be very effective at all.

Humbling a woman does not mean reducing her to a subhuman status. It does not mean humiliating her. Humbling a woman means that she is brought back to a more realistic and loving frame of mind, one in which her arrogance, pride and selfishness do not rule her words and her actions. The humbling effects of being spanked while naked, or being given some Corner Time, or of just being put over the knee and being spanked to tears, are all highly beneficial. They are a normal and healthy part of the Loving Domestic Discipline process. They will ultimately benefit the disciplined woman greatly. We are talking about Loving Domestic Discipline here, not a Master/slave relationship. A man who is the HOH in a Loving Domestic Discipline relationship wants to humble his woman for her own benefit and for the benefit of their love, not because he wants to make her feel terrible about herself. He is humbling her because that is what she needs from time to time, not because he wants to do it. A woman who has serious issues about humiliation should really ask herself whether she is just reluctant to be humbled. Being humbled is part and parcel of receiving Loving Domestic Discipline. It is important for a disciplined woman to understand that so that she can become less sensitive or paranoid about the "h" word. Humiliation is not the aim of the game, but humbling is an important part of the Loving Domestic Discipline process and one which should be (ultimately) welcomed by the woman who wants to experience the real and powerful benefits of Loving Domestic Discipline.

Sometimes a woman, like her man, may fear that starting a Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle will harm the friendship that she has with her husband. She needs to realize that Loving Domestic Discipline will actually strengthen their friendship, not weaken it. Loving Domestic Discipline provides a powerful, intense, shared experience that acts to substantially increase the bonds of love and friendship between the woman and her husband. Her discipline spankings will have the net effect of drawing her closer to her HOH, not the opposite. Just because her respect for her HOH increases as a result of their Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle does not mean that their friendship will suddenly evaporate into thin air. Loving Domestic Discipline will strengthen their friendship through its ability to create strong feelings of love and connectedness between the man and the woman.

Having read this article, you should now be in a position to evaluate, understand and deal with your fears about various aspects of Loving Domestic Discipline, whether you are a man or a woman. This is not an exhaustive catalogue or taxonomy of every single fear that could possibly relate to Loving Domestic Discipline, but it covers most of the major and most significant ones. The first step in overcoming a fear is to understand it. If you have read this article, you will hopefully understand your existing fears about Loving Domestic Discipline much better. It doesn't mean that they will always magically evaporate (although in some cases they actually will). If you are a woman, you may need to reflect on your fear before you can overcome it, or you may need to ask your HOH for his help in overcoming it. One of the main uses of Loving Domestic Discipline is to help the woman to overcome her fears. Overcoming fear is a lifelong process for all of us, so you can see why Loving Domestic Discipline can be so useful on a permanent basis.

Nov 23, 2014



Nudity is an integral part of Loving Domestic Discipline. Although many people associate nudity primarily with sexuality, this is not always the case. In Loving Domestic Discipline, nudity plays an important role. This article is about partial or full female nudity before, during or after a Loving Domestic Discipline session. It is not about male nudity, because it is generally better if the male HOH keeps his clothes on during a disciplinary session. If he is either fully or partially naked, the disciplinary process will become overly sexualized for him, making it difficult for the man to concentrate properly on his job, which is to lovingly discipline his woman for her own benefit, not to play with her sexually for his own benefit.

Nudity is one of the reasons why spanking is usually more effective than other non-physical punishments like writing lines or being grounded. That is not to say that these cannot be effective, because they can be very effective for some women in certain situations. But these other non-physical punishments are better as secondary, supplementary punishments which reinforce the message that a woman receives during a spanking discipline. Spanking is still the single most effective form of Loving Domestic Discipline. And nudity plays a part in this effectiveness.

There are several reasons why nudity is beneficial for a woman during the Loving Domestic Discipline process. Firstly, there is a practical reason for nudity which has already been explained in the article titled, "How to Spank a Woman." This reason is that the male HOH should be able to see what he is doing when he is spanking his woman, so that he does not accidentally spank her too hard and cause unnecessary and unwanted bruising to her bottom. And if her buttocks are covered with even a single layer of clothing (such as panties), he may unintentionally deliver a harder discipline than he intended, simply because he could not see what effect his swats were having on her bottom. So this practical reason is in fact a safety issue. It is in the interests of both the man and the woman to ensure that she is not punished too severely. Ultimately, it is the man's responsibility, so he must take care to remove her clothing before disciplining her.

Beyond the realm of the practical, there are many other important reasons to insist on either full or partial nudity for the woman while she is being disciplined. One of the most important of these reasons is that nudity will encourage both submission and humility. When a woman is naked, she will naturally experience strong feelings of vulnerability. Not only is her body exposed and unprotected, but her emotions are also similarly exposed and unprotected, regardless of how much she has tried to suppress or deny them. Her vulnerability will tend to increase her submissiveness, even if she is very apprehensive about her spanking. Her submissiveness will make her more likely to be obedient, in spite of her general unwillingness to be spanked. Nudity is a powerful precipitator of feminine submissiveness and therefore helps the disciplinary process greatly.

Being made to be naked is also quite humbling. Simply getting undressed to go to bed is not humbling, because it is voluntary. But when a woman is ordered by her HOH to remove her clothing (or when he forcibly removes it for her), her nudity becomes humbling, because she would not normally choose to be in that state. She is temporarily reduced to a lower status because she has no clothes. This enforced humility created by nudity has the effect of puncturing any of her pride, arrogance or stubbornness that may be associated with the feminine misbehavior that is the reason for her spanking in the first place. The puncturing of her arrogance is an important part of the whole Loving Domestic Discipline process, because she cannot learn her lesson until her mental attitude changes. Removing her pride and arrogance is a key step along the path to giving her a real attitude adjustment, and helping her to see herself and her actions more clearly. The humbling effect of a woman's nudity is an important aspect of helping her to achieve an attitude of greater humility. It is much harder for her to maintain an arrogant or pigheaded attitude when her body is no longer covered by any clothing.

Nudity will also encourage strong feelings of femininity in a woman. If she wears sexless suits with padded shoulders for work, it can be easy for her to forget that she is even female. She may behave with an arrogance or cruelty that is more typical of men than women when she is comfortably suited up, but having this armor stripped from her body can change her feelings in seconds. Not only will she feel more feminine, but she will understand that her femininity is her true self, regardless of whatever face she has to put on to survive in the business world. After all, it is her own body that she is standing in, not someone else's. She is the one with the hips and the breasts, the curves and the thighs. She is the one who is going to get spanked, not someone else. She is the feminine one. The masculine one - he's standing over there, with the paddle in his hand, ready to discipline her.

Why is it important for her to be reminded of her femininity? Why can't she just be spanked and get it over with, regardless of whether she is feminine or not? Because her feminine self is her true self, her most fulfilled self. It is the aspect of her personality that requires the least mental effort to experience and to project, because it is who she is. Getting more in touch with her feminine side is one of the most important benefits of Loving Domestic Discipline. This is not only for her own sake, but for the sake of the connection between herself and her HOH, whose guiding and correcting masculine energy is also expressed through the process of Loving Domestic Discipline. By surrendering to her feminine self, she opens a pathway for the bidirectional flow of energy between herself and her HOH when he disciplines her. She submits to him, and he lovingly but firmly guides and corrects her, so that she can be a better and more loving person. This complementary dance is as old as the human race.

Some women also feel much more natural when they are naked. This sounds like stating the obvious, since all clothes are artificial, to a certain extent. But many women actually feel that nudity is the most natural state for a woman. After all, a woman's body is much more beautiful than a man's. Magazines for men like Playboy exist and survive because they contain pictures of naked women, not surprisingly. But most women's magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan are also full of pictures of women, some of them almost as naked as those in Playboy. This is not due to some secret lesbian conspiracy or because sexist men control the media. It is because people of both sexes would rather look at a woman's body than a man's, because a woman's body is inherently more beautiful to look at. So obliging a woman to take off her clothes during Loving Domestic Discipline can often return her to a more natural and receptive state, where she can accept her discipline as something designed to help and guide her, even though it may be painful both physically and emotionally.

The contrast between the male HOH who is clothed and his woman who is naked also helps the disciplinary process greatly. This creates a temporary imbalance in power between them that facilitates his discipline of her, because it compels her to submit to her spanking more humbly than she might otherwise act. This contrast is another reason why the man should keep his clothes on when he disciplines his woman. If he removes them, he temporarily makes himself more feminine, which goes against the general thrust of Loving Domestic Discipline. It is important that he remain as masculine as possible during the disciplinary process, so that he can exercise his masculine authority properly when he spanks her. If he removes his own clothes, he weakens his own authority for the sake of his own sexual pleasure, and at the expense of the woman's own personal progress. His discipline of her is ultimately a gift to her, not a gift to himself. In the end, he will benefit because her happiness is vital for the happiness of the household, and because she will love and respect him even more for having the courage and self-discipline to lovingly but firmly correct her misbehavior, without giving in to his own immediate sexual desires.

Another important reason to make sure that a woman who is about to be disciplined is nude is that nudity will help her to accept her own body. Many women have serious problems with their own body image. Forcing a woman to be naked is one of the most effective ways to make her overcome her negative body image. And to force her to be naked during a process which does not necessarily have any direct relationship to sexual activity (ie, a punishment spanking) can really help her feel that her HOH accepts her body as it is, and that she should also accept her own body.

It is important for each woman to take responsibility for accepting her own body, not just blaming it on the media. Even if the media is the original source of images and ideas that may cause many women to have body image problems, that only makes the media the cause of the problem. It does not make the media the solution to the problem. The solution lies within each woman. She has to come to terms with her own body, regardless of what the media does or shows. She is responsible for herself, not for the media. She can't change the entire media, she can only change herself. Body image is ultimately not a political problem - it is a personal problem. Personal problems are best solved by each person, not by politicians. Loving Domestic Discipline is an excellent way for a couple to get together to solve a woman's personal problems.

Some women have a body image problem because they are overweight. Again, enforced nudity during the Loving Domestic Discipline process can help these women overcome their own dislike of their bodies. This is not to say that weight loss for health reasons is not desirable, but the whole process of getting healthy and losing weight is a whole lot easier without self-hatred and self-loathing. It is much easier for a woman to lose weight when she does not hate her own body.

There are some people who view obesity as a natural occurrence. Yes, it is natural if you live unnaturally, as many of us do. When was the last time you saw an obese wild animal? Wild animals are naturally the correct weight for health and survival. You don't see overweight gazelles running around in Africa, and you don't see overweight lions trying vainly to chase them. Overweight gazelles soon become dead gazelles, and overweight lions soon become very hungry lions. The only overweight animals are some of our pets, because civilized humans give them too much food of the wrong type, along with insufficient exercise. You don't need drugs or surgery, you just need self-love, willpower and some support from your HOH. Loving Domestic Discipline and the nudity that is a part of the disciplinary process can really help a woman to love her own body and to regain a healthy weight.

Some people might worry that nudity could become only associated with punishment in a woman's mind, especially if she receives regular or frequent Loving Domestic Discipline via Maintenance Disciplines or Preemptive Disciplines and she is naked for every discipline. This is unlikely to be a problem in reality. One of the major side benefits of Loving Domestic Discipline is that it rapidly and substantially improves a couple's sex life. So a woman who is lovingly disciplined is also going to get naked quite frequently for reasons which have nothing to do with Loving Domestic Discipline!

Another reason why a woman is unlikely to associate her nudity with punishment is that the disciplinary process involves not only spanking, which is the unpleasant side of things, but also forgiveness and reconciliation, which are the sweetest and most tender moments between the man and the woman. This reconnection is, for many, the main purpose and benefit of Loving Domestic Discipline, aside from any improvement in their sex life during the rest of the day or week. In addition, a woman will usually realize how effective a spanking is in helping her modify her behavior. Since Loving Domestic Discipline is a wonderfully effective way for her to act and talk more positively and lovingly, she may be just as likely to associate her temporary nudity during a discipline with the personal growth that follows afterwards. So a woman is more likely to associate her nudity during Loving Domestic Discipline with personal growth or reconnection with her man, than with any negative ideas or experiences.

How should a woman be made naked when she is disciplined? Well, it is pretty simple, really. Either she removes her own clothes or her HOH removes them himself. If the HOH is going to remove his woman's clothes, he should be careful not to rip them if possible. Unfortunately, damage to her clothes is occasionally unavoidable if she is disobedient and resists her discipline. Some men prefer to remove their woman's clothing because she feels more humbled by having her clothes forcibly removed by him than by taking them off herself. If a man is unsure how his woman feels about this, he should simply ask her, rather than trying to read her mind. If she feels more submissive when he takes off her clothes for her, then that is the method that will have the best disciplinary effect.

The other way is to have the woman remove her own clothes. This may occur in the presence of her HOH, or it may occur in another room, before he arrives to discipline her. Some men prefer to tell their woman to go to the bedroom, undress and wait for him, rather than ordering her to remove her clothes in his presence. Again, he should ascertain which approach results in a more submissive mindset for the woman, rather than just assuming or guessing. If the woman is required to bare her body in front of her HOH, he should be careful not to tolerate delaying tactics or slowness from her. Some women will remove their clothing as slowly as possible, in order to defer that inevitable moment when she is put over the lap and her spanking actually begins. This deliberate slowness is a form of disobedience and should normally be treated with some kind of Disobedience Discipline to discourage her from trying to sabotage or disrupt the disciplinary process. It is also a form of disrespect for her HOH that he should not tolerate from her.

Sometimes, a woman may remove her clothes slowly with a different purpose in mind. She may be trying to do some kind of erotic striptease - either to distract her HOH from disciplining her or to make a mockery of the disciplinary process. There is nothing wrong with a woman doing a striptease to excite her man, as long as it happens outside a discipline. If she does it during or before a discipline, she is mocking the whole disciplinary process. In such a case, she should receive a Disobedience Discipline to help her maintain her respect for her HOH and for the process of Loving Domestic Discipline, which is designed for her own benefit. She is free to mock, but her HOH is also free to give her a Disobedience Discipline for that mocking.

Some men do not insist that the woman remove all her clothing, instead accepting that she only bares her bottom, or perhaps strips from the waist down. A bare bottom is the minimum for a spanking, of course, but generally speaking, the more nudity, the better. As explained in the above paragraphs, full nudity increases the effectiveness of the discipline. When a woman is fully nude, she feels more submissive, more feminine, more humble. When she is disciplined more effectively, the risk of her having to be disciplined again for the same offence diminishes greatly. It is much better for her to be disciplined once, fully nude, than to be disciplined twice, partially nude. Most women would agree with that. Those who would disagree are usually those who have a problem with their body image, and they are exactly the women who would benefit most from being fully naked during their spanking. The only really good excuse for partial nudity during a Loving Domestic Discipline is when the woman must be disciplined in a room without adequate heating, in winter, for reasons of privacy. In that relatively rare case, it might be dangerous to her health to require her to strip entirely naked for a long discipline session, so partial nudity might be acceptable. But since this is not an issue for most couples, full female nudity is a much better and more effective choice.

When should a woman be made to strip naked? Some men feel that it is best that she be nude right from the start, so that her feelings of submission are stimulated as soon as possible. This is really the best choice for most couples, because it has the maximum disciplinary effect. Others prefer to have their woman do some Corner Time, clothed, before the man arrives in the room and the spanking starts for real. Then he may order her to the corner again, where she may be clothed or unclothed. The most minimal example of nudity is where the woman lays across the HOH's lap fully clothed, and he only removes enough clothing to bare her bottom for the spanking. As soon as the spanking is over, he recovers her bottom with her clothing. The only really good reason for this approach is if the man is unable to control his sexual appetite at the sight of his woman's naked body. But if he can't control himself enough to discipline her properly, how can he discipline her with any authority? It is his own self-control and more rational, masculine approach to things that uniquely qualify him to administer Loving Domestic Discipline to her, so a demonstration of moral and physical weakness is not exactly going to inspire confidence in her. If a woman is going to humble herself long enough to take a painful and unpleasant punishment spanking from her HOH, the least he can do in return is restrain himself from jumping on her sexually, at least until she has been properly disciplined for her misbehavior.

Some men use enforced nudity as a discipline in itself. They may require the woman to remain nude for the rest of the day, as a reminder of her misbehavior and the discipline it attracted. This can be very effective for women with a poor body image, because it forces them to confront their fears about their own body. So not only does it serve as a discipline in itself, it also gradually teaches her that her body is not ugly and that she must learn to love it. This won't usually happen in a single day, of course. Other couples would not use this kind of discipline because it is too sexual. It really depends on the individual woman as to whether this approach is effective or suitable. A man can always try it out the next time he disciplines his woman. If it is effective, he can add it to his list of useful non-spanking disciplines. Otherwise, he can simply not repeat the exercise. As long as the woman doesn't catch cold, it can be quite effective and useful.

Nudity is an integral and important part of Loving Domestic Discipline that can and should be used by the majority of couples who practice this amazing and effective lifestyle. Nudity reconnects a woman to her essential self. Nudity helps her submit more fully to her discipline. And finally, nudity makes the whole discipline much more effective, helping her to learn her lesson more successfully and permanently, reducing the need for a follow-up discipline for the same type of misbehavior.

Nudity 2

A number of women have written to me, expressing their concerns and fears about being disciplined in a state of nudity. This is obviously a big issue for many women. A lot of different women now have major issues about their own body image. That is exactly why the article called "Nudity" was written - to encourage these women and their HOH's to face up to this problem that is making so many women unhappy, and to do something about it. Since the message on nudity didn't seem to get through completely on the first try, this article (Nudity 2) is a follow up to further explain and reinforce the ideas about nudity and body image that were presented in the first article. This new article is also purposely written in language that is more simple and direct (though not crude) than the first one, so that the message gets across as clearly as possible.

Some women feel quite panicky about the prospect of having to remove their clothes before discipline - sometimes they are even more worried about being naked than they are about the pain of the spanking they are about to endure. Many women are quite comfortable with the idea of being spanked for misbehavior, but are horrified at the thought of having to be naked during this process. Other women have sent emails asking if there are any loopholes in this recommendation - if partial nudity during discipline is acceptable, and if so, how much? If you are a woman in a Loving Domestic Discipline relationship, you shouldn't be looking for loopholes, because loopholes are for lawyers. If you have ever tried to follow a diet and discovered loopholes in the diet's rules, you should already know that most loopholes are often a direct route to failure, not success. It is the same with Loving Domestic Discipline.

If you don't want to be fully naked when you are punished, that is OK - different couples prefer to use different approaches. But you also need to reflect on why just thinking about being nude makes you really panicky. Many women get really panicky just thinking about receiving a punishment spanking, yet they still submit, and the spanking does them a world of good in changing their attitudes and correcting their misbehavior. Does this mean that their spankings should stop because these women get panicky beforehand? Obviously not. In fact, the panicky feelings can actually help to increase the effectiveness of the woman's punishment.

If your body has changed after having had children, you have a number of choices: (1) Hide your body away until you die, (2) Change your body (through exercise, dieting, etc) and/or (3) Change your thinking. I think that the first choice is a really, really bad one. Don't you? The second choice is OK and quite healthy too. It is highly recommended. The third choice is the vital one, the most important one. It is why the original article was written. If you don't like your body, you had better do something about it. How is your husband going to like your body if you don't like it yourself? The more you hate your body, the more you will run it down - you won't feed it properly, you won't exercise it properly. Eventually, it WILL look really bad, because you gave up on it years earlier.

If you are distraught about being naked, then that sounds like a very important issue that you need to resolve. You can use prayer, therapy, meditation, whatever. Any of those will work fine. You can also consider using Loving Domestic Discipline. Ultimately, all those techniques are equally scary in the end. Because it is not the technique that is scary - it is your own fear about your body that scares you. If your current approach to the problem means that you want to hide your body away underneath an Afghan-style burkha, you need to either make some progress in your own thinking or, alternatively, consider buying a Pashtu phrasebook and a plane ticket to Kabul.

Some people think the problem lies with men. If men would just stop looking at women so much, then we wouldn't have this pesky body image problem. Legislation to stamp out all forms of pornography and erotica are a manifestation of this desire to stop men looking at women. The male gaze is a popular topic of feminist theory. But there are only two logical and effective solutions to this problem: either surgically blind all men so that they cannot see anything at all, or else cover up all women so that they become like the women who live in tribal areas of Afghanistan - completely covered and "safe" from the male gaze. Fortunately, neither of these two approaches has proven popular in more socially and economically advanced countries, which is good news for the men and women living in these nations.

One of the biggest benefits of Loving Domestic Discipline is that it can teach a woman to not be ashamed of her own body. There are people in our societies who are missing arms and legs, or have had serious surgical interventions. Many women have had children, which is quite obviously much less of a big deal than some other people with serious handicaps or surgeries. But even if there were no other people with worse problems than yourself, you still need to focus on getting a better body image for yourself. You don't have to do it using Loving Domestic Discipline, but at least that is a proven technique. It would be really good for your self-esteem and general happiness if you were able to make some progess on the issue of body image.

Everyone has different priorities. Different women have different priorities for their practice of Loving Domestic Discipline. Maybe you are using Loving Domestic Discipline to solve all sorts of problems that are much more urgent and important to you right now than the body image question. But if your husband can gradually and gently increase the amount of nudity that you have during your spankings, that would be really beneficial for you. You could do it in stages - just lift your upper clothing an inch higher every time you are disciplined. Of course it might fall down during the wriggling and moving that can occur during a spanking - but maybe you could even tape your clothing in place so that it does not fall down, or maybe you could come up with a better solution yourself. You could consider removing your top but keeping your bra on - that is a useful, intermediate compromise that might be less scary for some women.

Many women would find it much harder to have to hold their position while being strapped or paddled by their HOH than to have to remove their clothes for a spanking. That doesn't make it any easier for you if you find the idea of nudity scary, but at least it gives you some perspective on the problem. What is too scary to consider for one woman might be no big deal for another, and vice versa for a different matter. If a man is married to a woman who does not remove her clothing on command in a Loving Domestic Discipline situation, he should seriously be asking how he could help her with that problem, and what kinds of disciplinary techniques would be useful. His job is to provide loving guidance, to help her to be the best person that she can be, not to let her remain stuck in her bad habits and fears. He should be helping her to grow, even if she is a bit reluctant. He is meant to be the HOH, which means that he should be a leader in the relationship, not a passive observer. He needs to do what is BEST for her, not what is EASIEST for her. And let's face it - Loving Domestic Discipline is often the best solution to a woman's misbehavior and attitude problems, even though it is not always the easiest one for either party.

Some women see nudity as a question of personal pride. They feel that it is OK to be spanked, but that is it NOT alright to be spanked AND to be naked, because their HOH is cruelly removing their last vestige of personal pride when he tells her to remove her clothes. But nudity is not a question of pride, ultimately. It is a problem of body image, and of obedience. How much pride can a woman have when she is over her husband's knee, getting spanked and crying her eyes out? What is so proud about that? It sounds very humbling to most people. One of the major effects of Loving Domestic Discipline is to strip away a woman's pride, because that pride often causes the kind of arrogance that leads to misbehavior in the first place. A woman can be too proud to listen to her husband, or too proud to obey the road laws, or too proud to speak nicely to someone. These instances of pride hurt other people, and so she is punished for that pride. But some kinds of pride hurt the woman herself - especially being too proud to remove her clothes because in fact she is deeply ashamed of her own body. The HOH can let that ride if she has more serious, pressing problems, but sooner or later it is going to come up as an issue again. It will need to be addressed sooner or later.

Your body is a gift from the Creator. To scorn it or to be ashamed of it is to insult Creation, because your body is a part of that creation. You don't have to be religious to appreciate this either. You can substitute the word 'nature' or 'Gaia' for 'Creation' and it will still mean the same thing. Is a squirrel, or an eagle, or a chipmunk ashamed of its body? Even a worm probably thinks to itself, "Man, I am a cool looking worm!" :-) Animals have much better things to do with their time than be ashamed of their bodies.

These two articles on nudity are not meant to be advocating nudism, as in the nudist lifestyle. Most people have no desire to walk around naked with a bunch of weird nude strangers on a beach somewhere. Most nudism is just about sexual exhibitionism anyway, at its true source. But too many women nowadays have big hangups about their own bodies, and regardless of whose fault this is, the only person who can fix this is the woman herself. With a little help from her HOH. Loving Domestic Discipline is not the only way to fix it, but it is one way to fix it, and it is a really effective way. Judging by the number of women with body image problems, many of the other non-spanking approaches to fixing these problems have not worked very well! So maybe it is worth giving the Loving Domestic Discipline approach a try.

There are some women with body image problems because they are overweight. Then there are other women with body image problems who are underweight. And there are many, many women with body image problems who are a PERFECT weight. Do you see the common factor? Hint: it is not weight. The common factor is what is inside each woman's head. The common factor is what she thinks of herself, not what she actually is! And Loving Domestic Discipline is an excellent technique for helping a woman to think better of herself, regardless of how she actually looks.

When a woman has been well-spanked and thoroughly disciplined by her HOH, she tends to be much more loving and grounded. She gives off a kind of satisfaction that other women envy. This is because she feels loved. She feels loved enough by her HOH that he will take the time and energy to discipline her really well, so that she learns her lesson from her punishment. She can also feel loved because she has been disciplined in a state of nudity, so that she has been totally exposed to her husband while he spanks her. She cannot hide anything from him - her body, her thoughts, her emotions. He accepts her in this state too, because he loves her and wants her to improve as a woman and as a wife. So she learns that her nudity is completely acceptable to him, even when she has been disobedient and needs to be punished. Her spanking is her punishment, not her nudity. Her nudity is part of her discipline, not her punishment. By requiring her to be naked during her punishment, her HOH is teaching her that her body is OK. Discipline is a word whose origins come from the idea of teaching or instruction, not punishment. Making a woman strip naked for her spanking is a way to teach her a more positive body image, not a punishment in itself. The spanking is the punishment and the nudity is just a part of the discipline.

When a woman hates her own body, it harms no one but herself. If a man sees his wife harming herself in any way, he would take steps immediately to stop her. Most men would. And all men in a Loving Domestic Discipline relationship would take immediate steps to stop their wives harming themselves. Using a good firm discipline spanking, normally, because they know that is a truly effective way to teach her to respect herself.

Nudity does not have to be total to be effective. If you can't handle being totally naked, then partial nudity is fine. But to avoid it completely is not great for your self esteem or mental health. Loving Domestic Discipline can really be helpful in teaching a woman to like her own body. If you are a woman in a Loving Domestic Discipline relationship and you have problems with your body image, you are strongly advised to print out this article and give it to your HOH for him to read. If you are an HOH and you have just read this article, you know what to do the next time your wife needs to be disciplined.